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BEKOlut<sup>®</sup>  Florisil<sup>®</sup>

Normal phases

Polar sorbents

BEKOlut® Florisil®

BEKOlut® Florisil® cartridges contain synthetic, high purity magnesium silicate (MgO:SiO2, 15:85), e.g. for an adsorptive clean-up of pesticides from soil and foodstuffs.

Typical Application: Clean-up of sample extracts containing the following analyte groups: Phthalate esters, chlorinated hydrocarbons, nitrosamines, organochlorine pesticides, nitroaromatics, organophosphates, haloethers, organophosphorous pesticides, aniline and aniline derivatives, PCBs

  • Phase mechanism: strongly polar
Article Number
Sorbent weight Volume Unit / Pck. BEKOlut® Florisil®
100 mg1 mL100B01-500-A010
200 mg3 mL50B03-500-A020
500 mg3 mL50B03-500-A050
500 mg6 mL30B06-500-A050
1 g6 mL30B06-500-A100
2 g15 mL20B15-500-A200

Florisil®, a registered trade name of U.S. Silica.| Other formats available on request.