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Ion exchange phases

Polymer based

BEKOlut® Leox® AX

This strong anion exchange resin has been developed to improve the performance of conventional silica based mixed-mode anion exchangers for the SPE of weakly acidic analytes.

Typical Application: Extraction of weakly acidic pharmaceutical compounds from aqueous samples and biomatrices.

  • Base material: PS-DVB copolymer
  • Pore size: 70 Angstrom
  • Particle size: 38-55 µm
  • Phase mechanism: anion exchange, reversed phase
Article Number
Sorbent weight Volume Unit / Pck. BEKOlut® Leox® AX
30 mg1 mL100B01-PAX-A003
60 mg1 mL100B01-PAX-A006
60 mg3 mL50B03-PAX-A006
200 mg3 mL50B03-PAX-A020
500 mg3 mL50B03-PAX-A050
500 mg6 mL30B06-PAX-A050
1 g6 mL30B06-PAX-A100

Other formats available on request.