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BEKOlut<sup>®</sup> Glyphosate/AMPA

Speciality phases

Polymeric ion-exchangers

BEKOlut® Glyphosate/AMPA

The column combination BEKOlut IXC 508 (strongly acidic cation exchanger) and BEKOlut IXC 108 (strongly basic anion exchanger) is used for the enrichment and clean-up of glyphosate and AMPA from water samples according to DIN 38407-22.

  • Base material: Polymeric ion-exchanger
  • Phase mechanism: ion exchange
  • Sample Matrix Compatibility: aqueous, water samples
Article Number
Sorbent weight Volume Unit / Pck. BEKOlut® Glyphosate/AMPA
IXC 108 (strongly basic anion exchanger)3 mL50B03-108-A050
IXC 508 (strongly acidic cation exchanger)3 mL50B03-508-A050

Other formats available on request.