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BEKOlut<sup>®</sup> NH₂ (Amino)

Normal phases

Medium polar sorbents

BEKOlut® NH₂ (Amino)

The amino phase offers a different selectivity in normal phase SPE and is a good alternative to silica and cyano phase. It generally retains acids stronger than bases.

Typical Application: Lipids from serum, ethinylestradiol from urine (after extraction with organic solvent)

  • Base material: modified silica
  • Pore size: 60 Angstrom
  • Particle size: 40-63 µm
  • Functional Group: Aminopropyl
  • Phase mechanism: polar
Article Number
Sorbent weight Volume Unit / Pck. BEKOlut® NH₂ (Amino)
100 mg1 mL100B01-800-A010
200 mg3 mL50B03-800-A020
500 mg3 mL50B03-800-A050
500 mg6 mL30B06-800-A050
1 g6 mL30B06-800-A100
2 g15 mL20B15-800-A200

Other formats available on request.