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H53/HOI "ready-to-use" columns

Speciality phases

Polar sorbents

H53/HOI "ready-to-use" columns

For the determination of the Hydrocarbon Oil Index (HOI) in water according to EN 9377-2 (H53 method), batch-certified Florisil® is used which has been baked-out according to the DIN method immediately before filling. Therefore, glass columns as well as frits correspond to highest purity and quality and could be used without further pre-treatment. In combination with activated sorbents, blind values are significantly minimized.

Typical Application: Determination of the mineral oils (Hydrocarbon Oil Index, HOI) according to DIN EN ISO 9377-2/H53. BEKOlut® H53 glass columns are available in different sizes with 1 g, 2 g, 4 g or 10 g Florisil® und 1 g or 2 g anhydrous sodium sulfate.

  • Base material: SPE in Environmental Analysis
  • Functional Group: Florisil/Sodium sulphate
  • Phase mechanism: polar, normal phase
Article Number
Sorbent weight Volume Unit / Pck. H53/HOI "ready-to-use" columns
1000/1000 mg15 mL50KP1-015-A11G
2000/2000 mg15 mL50KP1-015-A22G
4000/2000 mg15 mL50KP1-015-A42G

Other formats available on request.