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  • BEKOlut QuEChERS kits

    Enjoy our german-made BEKOlut QuEChERS Kits! See for yourself about the world-wide most economical ready-to-use kits – premium quality at best prices.

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  • SPE cartridges and accessories

    Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) is our core business. Enjoy exploring our range of high-grade, good value SPE columns – made in Germany.

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  • Syringe filters, filters, membranes

    Choose from our huge range of premium syringe filters and membranes made of PTFE, RC, PE, …….

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  • Our Service offer

    As a product service, we offer customised application kits for SPE method development, for example different sorbents with different dimensions and frits with different pore sizes.
    If you are stuck in your method development or if you have particular application enquiries, our application support will be happy to assist, please contact: Dr. Andrea Junker-Buchheit

    Dr. Andrea Junker Buchheit
    Dr. Andrea Junker-Buchheit